Let me answer your questions.

Let me shed some light on the difference between translation and transcreation.

Translation involves reproducing the source text in another language, almost word for word. Transcreation focuses on recreating a text to appeal to a specific audience, often swerving from the original content to create something more engaging.

Choose transcreation if you want to enter a new market or adjust your marketing materials. Choose translation if you only need a faithful, yet idiomatic, reproduction of a text.

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As a Member of the CIOL and Chartered Linguist, I follow and abide by the Chartered Institute of Linguists’ Code of Professional Conduct and I am committed to maintaining high professional standards and ethics.

Furthermore, I have been working with major agencies and businesses for over a decade – they have trusted me with their sensitive materials, and so can you.
Confidentiality is at the heart of everything I do.

As of 2021, my rates look like this:

Translation – £0.1 (per word)

Proofreading – £0.04 (per word) or £35 (per hour)

Transcreation – between £25 and £95, depending on the document type

Editing – between £25 and £55, depending on the document type

SEO localisation – £55 (per hour) for translation, £40 (per hour) for editing

Interpreting – £35 (per hour) (including travelling time, excluding travel costs if applicable)

My minimum charge per project is £30.

Request a copy of my 2021 pricing list.

Secure payments can be made via wire transfer and PayPal.

If you’re ready to discuss your project with me and get the ball rolling, reach out to me via the contact form. I look forward to putting your plans in motion!

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